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Alonso Southard

     A resourceful business owner and brand developer with more than seven years of experience providing creative solutions and growth opportunities for a diversified client base. Recognized as an enthusiastic community organizer with a drive to inspire others. Looking for a career advancement opportunity with an organization that will challenge his problem solving skills and further his development as a professional. 



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My 10+ years as a student at Clearview Local Schools has, in more ways than one, helped shape a sense of purpose and success as an adult that I intend on contributing back into the community.
I am a community organizer with ten years of experience in Creative Arts and Technology with a focus on personal and professional development. The majority of my work experience has been directly involved in youth services and advancement. However, I have also held leadership positions that have required a specific set of administrative and public speaking skills in service of children and adults between ages seven and seventy-five using a wide variety of life enrichment programming and strategies.  
After speaking with six different individuals who work in Mental Health and Community Organizing, I find that the most successful organizations are those who can systematically instill a sense of enthusiasm into the individuals and families that constitute a neighborhood. This is the reason why Clearview Local Schools stood out for me amongst other community-based organizations. The district has a rich history of alumni who want to see the culture of Clearview Local Schools grow and evolve. I believe Health and Wellness could be the most effective platform to further unify and develop such a diverse community. As a CHS graduate of 2012, I am excited at the potential to serve the community that has been such a tremendous support to myself and to my family. 
As my work experience reflects, each position that I have held reveals my growing aptitude for recognizing essential components and patterns that I then utilize to create systems for people to better connect them to their community and ultimately to themselves.
Thank you for your time and consideration. I believe that my vision and values align with the Clearview brand and that I would be an excellent fit for the district. I’m available at alonso.viibridge@gmail.com should you need further information.